Once upon a time, God could not keep up with his own creations, so he decided to make a helper that could support the growth of creatures.

This helper would work in the shadows, as it soared within the spheres of the universe. It helped within the cycle of transformation when the creatures experienced heartbreaks, deaths, births, and sorrows, and it took the invisible byproducts created in these situations, to help expand the dark energy and mass in the universe.

People could call upon its help when they felt like they were lost, and tracks of life would follow this helper wherever it went on Earth.

This helper, was a horse named Zephyr, meaning Eastern wind and the beginning of life.

In God’s eyes, the horse was not just a grazing prey animal that helped man build empires. Horses were good at this, but there was something else that they were much more skillful at, which was carrying the burden of man’s heart. God had made them the most courageous when it came to “attack” the human’s heart in an embrace, as within the cracks longing for presence, man felt like a prey animal without his knowing. Every day it was like a lion was chasing him, and because of this, he could not see the delights and wonders of the world.

This is where the horse was not a flesh eating predator, but a loving soul predator, awaiting for the impatient human to be present with it, to let their abandoned and broken heart be mended with gold or silver in transitions of growth, where the roots of the seedling meet rocks and dirt, as it grows towards the sunlight, where freedom is built one step at a time.

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