Since I was very young, I could be what many would refer to as a “mystic” or someone who has pursued what was beyond the physical. I was blessed enough, to be given the surroundings and opportunities to maintain my connection to the divine, and further expand my curiosity towards the meaning of spirituality and nature within human existence.


The reason why Zephyr the horse is the mascot of this website, is because horses were my greatest teachers in intuitive communication and made me understand the dynamic of the living language, that every being shares on a natural and universal level. This way of communicating is the holy grail of creativity, wisdom, trust, calmness, and flow, and it has inspired me many times in my art, as well as engaging my knowledge about health in body, mind and spirit. This led me to study orthomolecular medicine (the prevention of disease through diet) and the nervous system as a whole, and gave me the possibility to work with humans and animals holistically.


Conscious Art life has been made as a platform to express my need for visual and expressive storytelling, which has been inspired by my past in working with health and spirituality. Whether it’s teachings, philosophies, comedy, comics, books or songs, they all share the unified concept of healing and thus, I hope my work can help you to find the wisdom and inspiration you need to walk the path of your essence.


May miracles bless your path,


Taschina Devanna

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