Universal messages from
the Earth and beyond...

Nervous systems, arteries, mycelium networks, roots, river systems…
What do they have in common?
They carry a pattern, a pattern that belongs to life itself.
Through that we find nature and it sets us free; authentic, wild, and beautiful. In integrity with the message we came to convey, through the creative essence of God that displays itself as consciousness, which created soul workers to evovle the concept and structure of the universe.
Yes, indeed we are here to experience, but we are also here to create and expand something greater than ourselves.


Who and what is Conscious art life?

Conscious art life is made by Taschina Devanna.
It’s a platform dedicated to the creation of various enlightening mediums and items, which are inspired by her love for “communicating” with animals and nature, that stores infinite fulfillment and wisdom to guide human consciousness back to its roots. 
She has a background as a healer and artist, and uses these skills from her past to create a unique concept, that can hopefully inspire you to understand the meaning and importance of truth, which opens you up to beauty and courageous curiosity, that aids in the process of bringing back joy and trust into your life. Read more…


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