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"Creativity is nature, and nature is creation, but without spirit it would not be."

Conscious Art Life, is created by Taschina Devanna, and is a platform designed to share her message about holism and nature, through her passion for teaching spirituality and creating art.

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Get a 35% discount on my e-cookbook until July 16th 2023!

As you may have noticed – there is only one product within the webshop so far.

That “thing” is my cookbook, but it’s not an ordinary cookbook. 

The theme of the book started around eight years ago, when I wanted to make plant-based recipes out of dumpster-finds, and leftovers. However, because I wanted to stay true to the “spiritual” and “mindful” practices, it needed to be a bit more deep, and contain something more, which could match the theme of waste, and recycling, and how to gradually heal your relationship to food when shame was present.

I struggled with binge-eating as I wrote the book, and it was very freeing having an outlet to express the altruistic process of this work. 

Over the years, I have written two different versions, it has had three different covers, and I have truly spend way too much time on it, but I think it’s worth it, as it taught me a lot, and now I hope it will help the world, in the same way it helped me. 

It contains the food-chapters: breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, where each section has ten recipes within them, then between the recipes, you find fun illustrations, and characters, such as: Buddha II, who is struggling with his own food-addiction and tries to heal it, as the book goes along with deeper psychological reasons for why we feel the way we do around food, and what we can do to change that mind-set. There is a small “food-meditation” chapter within it, that illustrates how we can be with food in a much more soft and healing way, and all of the lessons within the book, is provided to the hopeful path of appreciation.

Now until July, you can save 35% on the e-book version purchased from the website. If however, you wish to own it in a paperback or hardcover version, it’s possible to order through Amazon.

It will be possible to order directly from me one day, when I get some physical copies home, but as of for now, that is not yet an option (I will inform you when it is!)

Below you can find a few sample pages of the book.

If you are interested, please go to the shop, and get the downloadable-PDF to your personal mailbox. 

Thank you for reading and supporting me, it means a lot.

See you soon in the next post!

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