Do you have a hard time understanding the concepts of healing and trauma?

Do you have questions on what health is and how you improve it?

Then this book is for you!

“How to Deal with Hurt” is, in a nutshell, a “Trauma book for dummies” that presents the concept of trauma in a simple and digestible fashion to provide a deeper insight into the significance of “somatic understanding” where the mind can end up getting more credit, than what is necessary, as the body plays a larger role, than what we previously thought.

It can be viewed as a “missing link” within self-help literature, as it covers some of the most perplexing and confusing aspects of the healing journey with illustrations and interesting concepts that change our understanding of what it entails to be “healthy”.

This work could be seen as an expanded version of “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk. However, it delves further into a contentious truth about “mental illnesses” how the world is constructed according to the subconscious traumas we have been carrying for centuries, and the essential connection between science and spirituality in the healing process, which is rarely discussed in a grounded, structured, and understandable manner.

It’s a thought-provoking book, that is made for those who want to understand how we can heal the invisible scab of our ancestral lineage and it offers a list of healing modalities, to inform of what trauma/nervous system is and what the different “methods” do to the physiology.

Its mission is to bring understanding to the existence of pain and healing and why the world would not function without these dualistic concepts, but this can seem bewildering when we don’t understand the universal laws of nature and don’t know how to adapt to its principles.


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