What is Conscious art life and how did it start?

In the summer of 2017 a name and vision came to me. A name that could contain all of the things that I had been studying and working on for most of my life. 

In many ways, I never saw myself as a part of the established education system, as it in my opinion was made with with a fragmented mind, and not a holistic mind. 

We live in times where things can collide and explode, or flourish, connect, and expand. There is a war going on, and the inadequacy of man, is on the verge of reaching its limits. We need peace, but without knowing how to regulate our system, peace can merely be seen as ignoring the greater picture going on within human beings, that deeply needs nurture and recognition.

Peace, does not embrace the need for embodiment that humans crave. It only addresses a compromise, a mind, and not the body, where resentment and fear will reside in the form of tension, if we do not learn how to work with it, build capacity, and release it.

We need catharsis, and that only comes through mercy. Through mercy, we find compassion, vulnerability and surrender. It gives space for us to truly feel and see what we are as humans, and that we transition from viewing the world with hard eyes, to soft eyes, and gain the perspective of holism, as that is when we see with the eyes of nature, and not the other way around. 

When we learn to live and listen, we learn to create, and that is something which I am still learning to do, despite living a conscious art-filled life, I am still learning. Many of us grew up in homes where there was a lot of stress, tension and negative influences, that creates trauma responses as we grow older, and it can take years to relearn a new type of patterning within your system, that supports honesty, stability and safety.

Conscious art life, is a place where I would like to share all of my ideas and crafts, but it’s certainly also a place, where when I just hear the name, I’m put on hold, I stop, and I sense. It’s a lifestyle, it’s what defines what a meaningful and fulfilled life is to me. 

It keeps me grounded, and humble to the power of the ideas that I get, and what I want to share with the world.

I can wake up several mornings in a row, and have ideas for a new video, comic, songs, books, recipes and what not, but all of the ideas that are coming in, usually, has very deep thoughts that wants to explore the meaning of existence, nature, and life. Especially, living in times, where humanity keeps on drifting away from the laws by denying truth, but what are the laws – what is the truth?

That, our spiritual nature can tell us, often times, the real story of us lays within being able to explain the deeper sensation and philosophies, that comes through communicating with the land, animals, plants, ourselves, and god. The physical world is a cycle, and the energetic world is a cycle, and through whatever I can offer, Conscious art life, is dedicated to illustrate and teach about the greater nature of the collective, and beyond. It’s a curious quest from someone, that is obsessed with the openness and greatness of god’s work, and that is why – you will often experience stories or poetic endeavors from me, as the world is tied together in story, through story, within story, and by story.

This platform is going towards the holistic revolution, that is slowly, but steadily taking place all around the world. 

Welcome to Conscious art life!

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