A Brand new year and a brand new website!

With the help from my dear father, I finally feel like I got a website that has some of what it takes to contain the concept of Conscious Art Life.
A niche I created around five years ago, that could be the vehicle for my work and ideas where spirituality and healing were the main themes of my creations.

The vision for the website is that it will contain my future songs, e-books (The Conscious Foodie however, is already online), illustrations and other things that I might get aspirations to do.

The stuff that I currently work on are videos, storytelling and my songs.
The music especially, is a very new thing for me, but it creates magnificent heart magic, and for the world to hear the finished songs that has been playing in my mind for ages some day, is a surreal thought, as just making the music itself feels very cleansing and rewarding to my soul. It’s all very exciting and this blog will be a place where you from time to time can peep through the curtains, and look at what I might be up to, but for now I just want to bit you welcome, and please have a look around!

I’m looking forward to share this conscious, creative and exciting journey with all of you!

With love, 

Taschina Devanna 

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