The Conscious Foodie

For a long time, I struggled with
over-eating when my boundaries
couldn’t be expressed.
I made “The Conscious Foodie” as I
 healed. and the book is inspired by my journey…
It’s based on a holistic recycling
concept, and does not only contain
plant-based recipes made from
 dumpster finds and leftovers,
but it
also addresses how we can slowly
heal our relationship to food by
moving from a dysregulated state to a
regulated state.

It contains characters like Buddha II,
to make the reading experience
refreshing, relatable, altruistic, and

This version is an e-book, where a downloadable PDF will be send directly to your inbox when purchased through this website.

If you wish to get a physical copy in either a hardcover or paperback edition, it’s possible worldwide through Amazon

175,00 kr.

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