The world of the unconscious, spiritual, and mystical, has always been a huge part of my life, since I grew up with a mother who was deeply engaged within the alternative practice, and from her I learned a lot, but perhaps the greatest gift she gave me, was not all the tools or knowledge, but the openness to life, which made me able to explore the spiritual realm on my own, and hereby, learn things which only can be seen, taught, and felt from the universal laws itself.

The reason why the horse is the mascot of this website, is because horses were my greatest teachers in intuitive communication, and made me understand the dynamic of the living language that every being shares on a natural and universal level. This way of communicating is the holy grail of creativity, wisdom, trust, calmness, and flow, and it has inspired me many times in my art, as well as showed me how to live a more “whole” life.

Conscious Art life was made as a platform to express myself freely, but whether it’s teachings, philosophies, comedy, comics, books or songs, they all share the unified concept of healing, spirituality and natural medicine, and thus I hope my work can help you to find the wisdom and inspiration you need to walk the path of your essence.

Magical regards,

Taschina Devanna 

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